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Only wags his tail when he sees another dog, no greetings for me though which is sad. He’s an IVDD survivor, just a year ago he was learning how to walk again after having gone down in his hind legs in late January. He’d come up to me and claw at me. I want him to see his birthday maybe even Christmas but I ask myself every day is he happy or do I just tell myself he is as I can’t bear to say goodbye. Chris, I think this is a question for a veterinarian. My cocker Maggie is 15 and has begun to pant incessantly and wander around the house, almost cyclical, wanting to go into all the bedrooms (never had an interest in that before) and staring at doors and walls, all the while panting and being very anxious. You are asking the hardest question, Kim. Strange behavior, including uncharacteristic aggression. I attributed many of these behaviors to his blindness but now wonder about dementia. He also has gum disease and wanders around lost constantly. Occasional aggression towards up but was only odd moments. There are a lot of people here who have gone through what you are with your dog. He’s wetting in the house, scared to go outside and always hiding in small spaces including the washing machine which he’s miraculously figured out how to open. It’s just been the past week that I’m seeing him behave strangely, wandering around the house aimlessly, sitting and staring at nothing, or he’ll sit in the middle of the living room or patio and start barking and barking for no reason. Pacing back and forth from living room to bedroom. As you say, it is terribly hard. She has all the same conditions. You are already doing the best thing by taking her to the vet. I know that sounds kind of cold and clinical, but it can be helpful to see a vet’s idea of how to look at a pet’s quality of life. Just writing this has helped. No arthritis, no injuries, exceptional urinalysis and blood work results. I’m glad you have enjoyed the comments here–lots of people who love their dogs so much. It came on so suddenly. It’s really really hard emotionally to euthanize a dog because of behavior, but it can be a valid choice. What a beautiful tribute to your bond with your shiba. One thing he doesn’t forget is where the food is.. lol He doesn’t seem to recognize me anymore, it’s like he just tolerates me as I’m the one who supplies food and treats. He shakes when picking him up . Inscrivez-vous à Yahoo Questions/Réponses et recevez 100 points dès aujourd’hui. I will keep him safe and love him as long as I can! Could be a lot of things that cause lethargy. Now there is no calmness to her she will hear a small sudden noise and she literally panics. But I get him. Emma is such a love, I can’t imagine her not being around. I’m so worried about him. Your article and videos have been very helpful and it has given me strength to deal with Bugs. Thanks for your kind words. That got better after few months now she is acting weird. I hear you about that. She’s done it three times now in the last 2 weeks. I happened to find a huge tick on the floor when I was holding her can you help me? Please know that there are lot of people here who know what you are going through. Like you, though, I do hope it’s age-related. she doesn’t greet us, doesn’t play with her toys, doesn’t want her treats…etc. That’s my point of view and others may disagree. Out of nowhere, she let out a shriek, but I could see nothing wrong with her. Pacing, getting stuck in furniture staring at corners etc. It will usually distract him and he stops barking. She still eats and drinks and goes to the bathroom. Good luck, Jonathan. Suggestions? I’m so sorry about Jenny Lyn, Georgene. Take care. If I try to touch him, he jumps. Just be careful of the wire ones that she could get a foot stuck in. The vet thought it could be hormonal and gave me some anti biotics in case she had an infection and some pain relief for her arthritis (although she’s never shown signs of pain) >>EILEEN NARRATING: Eileen, Thank you so much for this site – my senior chi-mix is showing signs of dementia (nightly pacing and barking), but also increased aggression, which is the worst part (he has bitten me a few times and now there is frequent tension between him and my other dog (who used to be endlessly patient)). He’s now started running in there in the day time now, in a very scared way and cowering. Whenever I leave he is always waiting in the same spot as close to the door as he can get until I come through it. Today, he had a seizure. The thing is, there are so many possibilities for these mental oddities that can happen to dogs, not just dementia. My Meisha is a 12 yr old Staffy mix who has been through a ton of problems. I’m so sorry you are going through this with your cocker. Not many people understand the great love we can have for our furry babies. Good luck! On top of that i’m getting over having a stroke, she started about a month before i had it. We can engage him in play but he plays alone, not usually with the other 2 labs. She was already very very frail. Jean Gemmell on January 17, 2016 at 7:46 pm said: Toby, my little Jack Russell will be 21 years old this year I’m crying as I type this as he is so far ‘gone’ in his brain that there is nothing to be done to help him. I hope you can make a decision you can be at peace with. She is getting older more quickly now, the biggest problem is that she doesn’t go to sleep when she is tired or even sit down. Well,where to start to “just” contribute to this website in hopes to help others. Although I know the term is not entirely accurate, I often feel his behavior is “manic” and that he is clearly not in control of whatever motivates him to pace etc… If a person does this, they feel threatened. She now sleeps about 22 hours per day, is anxious and startles easily, digs a lot on her bed, not very interested in food, occasionally stumbles, and moans quite a bit while sleeping. I’m just concerned about his staring so. He too is happy most of the time. You did a great job being persistent about her medical condition. Dear Joyce, He has really lived way beyond what he should have but how do I let go of a little dog who doesn’t want to let go of me…..it’s heartbreaking! She quickly walks away instead of jumping up in my chair when I am watching tv.. something she’s been doing for years. He has since lost 8 of this 24 pounds and is just skin and bones although he still eats as much as he always did. If we approach him to pet him he acts afraid of our approach. Hugs. Sorry for the delay in publishing your comment. Sandra, I so agree about happiness and pleasure. I’m glad he gets such great exercise, and I hope you have some good times with him. I hope for good days for Gizmo, and a clear decision for you when it’s time. He seems to be at the early stages so no messing in the house or getting stuck behind furniture yet but he shows all of the other signs. He greets me at the door with my other dogs and he seems to genuinely enjoy being snuggled. Please do keep in touch. Cricket has been going to my office with me for years. My little chihuahua has been doing this for months. My wife is out of town and works in Pharma, not happy about this decision. I am glad you shared your story about Poppy. My heart goes out to anyone with the similar situation with the difficult decision. I’m so sorry for my delay in answering. Thanks for all you have herein. please help!! She has been prompt to accept our offer and we want to show her gratitude. Healthy as a horse. I have looked at your site several times! Now she does not seem to like ot lay on them much, and prefers to lie in the mat below my feet in the kitchen. She wont sleep untill she know I am asleep. The most common thing I write is for people to check with their vet. Among other ques that lead me to think his life is more frustrating for him, but it really is so hard to let them go. You might want to check with a vet behaviorist. Série fiction peppa pig le premier one woman peppa pig la nouvelle preview photo credit kids préservatifs cosmétiques érotiques sexo homme. Continued. We wish we had found you earlier. I would never do it for my own convenience or because of preconceptions about it. Someone mentioned there was a possible treatment link but I don’t see it here. And lately has been getting trapped behind a side table. It’s tough to gauge his quality of life and since I’m not his “owner” the end of life decisions are not entirely mine. Acting silly lol so cute. She use to shake a lot when I first got her, but now she doent. coaxing-many times he will look at his dish and run away. Is it appropriate to tell the vet we don’t want further testing? She can’t see well so can’t tell if water is in bowl. I closed off some rooms, blocked off the stairs (he fell down them), but he still manages to find things to get stuck behind. Please give her a treat for me. Good luck. Watched your video and seems she is right. He displayed all the classic signs of dementia but was in great physical health. Is he lacking attention maybe cause I’ve been working alot of hours lately! PTSD? The video with Cricket was wonderful. Aww so heartbreaking watching this. No number of years is ever enough. Sheila. He shakes when picking him up. We keep the floors covered with newspaper for any accidents. Eileen, thank you so much for your video & information. My dog has all the symptoms + of Dog Dementia and is not eating or drinking…your responses are of no help to me, at all….I highly doubt you will post this comment on your page….your so called “kindness” infuriates me. I hope you can talk to your vet about Tucker. So sorry. It breaks my heart to see him like this. I don’t know if he is still with you at this point. Good luck with sweet Jack Sparrow. What is the deal is he bored, does he miss his freedom? I noticed my 14 year old cocker spaniel/eskie mix, Emma, is doing some things that she never did before. Just in the last two days he has bit me three times and my husband four times. Not that she is aggressive, just not real happy to see me. We made an appointment for that night when the office was closed. I rather see her with a happy face , then have to see her put down. I know it feels cold assigning numbers to your dog’s health, and you don’t even have to do that part, but it gives you things to consider. My little Cricket did that and I finally realized that probably for her, it wasn’t uncomfortable or scary. Thanks for the share. Talk to your vet about treatment. Any ideas? All of a sudden she’ Go to this one spot in the apartment, sit down and not move. I would possibly euthanize a dog because of dementia alone, because I’ve seen how far it can go. I hadn’t realized circling was a symptom until I saw your video. The problem with Dementia is a difficult disease. If your dog is showing any of these symptoms, you should take him or her to the vet right away. Also, if you haven’t looked at the Quality of Life Scale (linked on the “When to Say Goodbye” page, do take a look. It sure is hard, Jeni. Good idea to talk to the vet. He has about 95% of the symptoms on the checklist…I’m considering saying goodbye – but just wanted an impartial opinion, what would you do? First of all, I know everyone is going to say "take her to the vet" But Im only 16 and my parents wont do crap about it, my mom told me shed call tommorrow morning. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. oh my… I am facing this tough decision with 2 babies. Enjoy every moment and know, that they don’t live long but if all they touch are happier for it, is that not the purpose of life!? A lot of people talk about dogs sundowning but as far as I know, it hasn’t been documented in dogs. Totally calmed, and relaxed, sleeps all night, up at 7-8 am for outside outing, his morning snacks and water. All blood chemistries were normal. I know there’s no easy answer, but I guess I’m looking for some guidance about the end of life conversation with the rescue I’m working with. Urinating and defecating all over the house is one of the issues we deal with and we just can’t get angry because he’s unaware that he’s made a mistake. I have been unable to publish or respond to comments for several weeks. I can’t bear to see her looking so lost and miserable. I’m so sorry things are hard for Sushi and you are having to look at that hard decision. Hi Kathie, that sounds really tough. I’m 100% committed to giving Barbie the life she was meant to have. Usually pain. I prepared myself and cried all weekend but I do not want him to suffer, low and behold we come home on Monday and he is his old self and eating and drinking and barking and bouncing…he also stares long periods at walls and wanders around but know i think I understand the cause of this. It is as though we have a 2 year old we are constantly watching. This is a very tough disease to deal with. He just suddenly fell over, looked very confused, and just couldn’t get himself back up. Or not know how to even stay on it or get in. In case you are interested in more, I have a lot of tips in my book for making the house safe for a dog with dementia. It’s just so heart breaking to see Alli the way she is and to have to make this decision is so painful. Otherwise strong and healthy, she barks ALL night, digs holes in walls when i’m at work and is generally doing everything on ‘the list’. I will not send people on wild goose chases for unproven quackery. I’d love to have an update if you care to. Is this too much? We to have a 17 year old Westie that gradually has developed this disease and does everything cricket is doing, he weighs 17.5 lbs from 19 a year ago and our vet. You are so right that we have to be careful not to try to diagnose. At the moment she has an urgency to get up on the dining table. Without meaning to, well-meaning and kind-hearted owners can often make anxiety types of behaviors worse, and toy breed dogs like pomeranians are particularly prone to this. Unusual to me the younger guys are showing these signs. There are medications that possibly could help. She would get lost in the house, stared at walls, would walk into chairs, getting stuck not knowing know how to get out. He’s always been a bit of a “whiny wiener”, but lately it’s gotten worse. I really try to help about this. When do we decide when is it not fair to her? Anyone would have thought that the dog had CCD, but he apparently does not, or if he does, it’s in the early stages. Hugs to you. I think you’ll know when it’s time. Thank You It could **be** pain, or it could be something else going wrong. Her anxiety of separation was advancing. Seeing the pictures and video of cricket made me realize that Jack shows the same symptoms and that they are due to the dementia. Let us know what you find out if you’d like. Pertinence. I even told my husband to take her and I would just say goodbye, while she gets to ride with him, one more time. So please see your vet as soon as you can! He will be 10 in March 2017. Pourquoi vous préférez les chiens aux chats . My 10 yr old Yorkshire terrier seems to be suffering from dementia. I put it back, and also here is a link. He doesn’t react to someone at the door. It started with sitting in a hallway staring at the wall like someone was talking to him. Every tiny noise causes him to jump and move. She eats but pushes the bowl around…I have it in corner. We have a 16 year old Yorkshire Terrier who also has CCD. Frisky would pace and pace, cry and moan for hours at night, started given him 25 mg. at night only for his 17.5 lbs., he gets in his bed after 20-30 min. I know how sad it is to see a beloved dog failing. He will still come when I call him, however there are times that even if I’m looking at him and calling him he’ll just stare back at me and tip his head, and then eventually will slowly come to me. hi Eileen, thank you so much for this website, we have a 12 year old patterdale and we have noticed in the past 6 months his behaviour changing. It’s SO difficult being with him now as there is no recognition, tail wagging ( we always said he worked by batteries as his tail wagged non-stop even when he was being reprimanded his tail was wagging on the floor) absolutely nothing. Ginger does all of this. His joints are so bad we have to take him up and down the stairs to take him outside. This lasted for several hours, then all of a sudden she was up and moving acting as if nothing happened. Thanks very much for sharing this knowledge – your pictures spoke volumes! In your research, and communication with others, have you ever heard of younger dogs getting dementia? She’s a great love of my life. She sleeps a lot but wakes up staring at nothing and barks very loud, she was never a barker. God when do you pull the plug? He exhibits many of the signs including pacing, getting stuck in corners of the house and in furniture and disrupted sleep. He rarely greets me when I come home anymore, nor will he come when I call him. You can't just look a dog all over and assume he's fine, there are tons of underlying, internal issues that could be causing your dogs odd behavior. She is starting to stare at everything. I adopted her 8 yrs ago heartworm positive and got through that (she was overly hyper and difficult to keep her calm). We finally came to the decision it was time for us to let her go and not be confused anymore. Thank you for all this wonderful and useful information! My mom had Alzheimers. He will be walking and his back legs give out on him. How about a vet visit? She has all the symptoms as Jorgette ‘s Sally except My Alli is blind and can;t hear which makes it double hard for her.I have been trying to make the awful decision for weeks now and after I read all the letters others wrote I see I’m not alone.With tears running down my face after I read Jorgettes letter I know now what I must do. I find him becoming more anxious then he was (he has always been a nervous dog.) He yelps and screams (not as though he’s in pain, but that he’s terrified of something, that isn’t there!) I am going to vets tomorrow to have her pain meds reviewed in case it is a discomfort problem, and blood pressure urinary infection checks, but I think she just forgets to rest ??? These specialists are the “psychiatrists” of the veterinary world and can often help when a non-specialist vet can’t. are we doing enough for him ? am looking at his little face now and he just looks so lost and confused. The information was REALLY useful. I have a 16 year old shitzu that is blind n she puts her self up against walls n just stays ther n also in corners n also stuck in between furniture what do u think we should do out her down in which I’m not for cause I don’t think she is suffering correct me if I’m wrong please. He is on prednisone, cyclosporine and potassium bromide and keppra for seizures. Getting confused about the door. It’s awful. I don’t think the dog always “tells you” either. He’s almost 14. Sometimes they can do a consult directly with your vet (which is handy if there are none in your area). I wonder if you can help me I have a terrier cross and he has just recently started to lay down and stare at his hind legs when we distract him from this for a while he will go straight back to it some times he will just ignore us when we call him. I understand how just a bit of support from others going through this can help. Finding me I put a 4 ft high fence up and she jumped it with ease. I was wondering if it it was something like this. His condition was taking a toll on the entire family and I could see he was starting to have more bad days than good ones. Lately we have been giving him 3mgs of Meletonin to sleep. Out of curiosity seeing if dogs do get it too, I came across your website. I know what you mean about thanking her. it is so heartbreaking to see brandy like this i have had him since he was 2. he always seems to look like he is sad and i am beginning to question myself is he happy ? Although the IVDD also has an impact on his urination and bowel movements, at this point he has almost no control of either and I think it’s primarily the CCD. I wonder about his quality of life. Our Rottweiler/Border Collie cross who is nearly 11 has, over the past few weeks been getting lost on familiar walks and staring at the wall as well as pacing and circling. I happened to find a … An uncoordinated gait, leading to walking in circles and becoming clumsy. It’s truly a sad thing to watch. So you have recognised the signs, what do you do after its hard to see my loved pet like that. Sounds like Noah still has good times. He occasionally pees in the house and just generally seems lost. So glad you’ve found us, too. Wow! And he will sometimes walk around confused, walking behind the sofa where he never has before. Life is becoming more difficult for him and me, especially over the past few months. I did the quality of life questionnaire on the link which is an excellent measurement of how things are at any time. I have a little terrier mixed breed, got her at 5 weeks old, she is now almost 18 years old. I just think on how lucky Sally was to have you not only for her whole life, but to generously make this decision when her life got so unpleasant. Please spread the word about dementia in dogs since there are some helpful interventions. Love to all. Our little Maltese Spike has been fading for several years. First, Vet took blood test which didn’t show anything off and gave him Zonisamide 100mg ( for seizure) but then rapid decline. Dementia often forces owners to look at euthanasia despite their dogs being in perfectly good health and that scale doesn’t justify it. Plus un chien est petit, moins il est éduqué ? We have run all sorts of tests and the vet said dementia is likely , but I also want to make sure it’s not a brain tumor, so that’s the next step. Thanks. I’m so sorry, Patti. It’s such a hard, hard situation with your beloved companion. Thanks for letting me know I am not going through this alone. Nor have you looked very hard at the site. Good luck with your boy. Cricket is still quite capable and has plenty of pleasure in her life. Take care. Bless you for taking in this senior fellow. Not making enough RBC for her (other issues for Kenny). I am sure your response helps others . Good luck. I took him home and when the meds wore off he started barking (he never barked or rarely) in pain again. Hugs to you. He’s been to the vets but she’s said there’s not much they can do. Thank you for your video its exactly what my 19 year old Scooter is doing, he has had a bad week, stuck more often but u still feel he has a quality of life, still looks forward to his treats, when dogs are your family it’s hard to watch them go through what my grandfather went through. I am speaking with my very caring vet about CCD this afternoon and possibly beginning some medication. I’m sorry you are going through this with your yorkie. It sounds like a vet visit is in order. I’m sure you will make the right decision for Freddie; it’s clear you love him so much. The medication worked for a ehile but seems to have stopped working. What we do have now though is the staring at nothing, sleeping all the time. Shes slept with me for ten years but she destroyed my bed clothes so I couldnt do it anymore. Descended from large sled dog breeds, the now-tiny Pomeranian has a long and interesting history. This may have been addressed here but I am going to ask again. Thank you. Cooper my foster fur baby is 14yrs old, deaf and blind. Ne pas vendre mes informations personnelles. Reply ↓, We have an 11yr old cairn terrier with increasing traits of dementia behaviour on a daily basis. I’m afraid for a vet to tell me it is time. But the way i look at , while i’m getting stroke….i get to spend time with her. Any suggestions???? It is, to my knowledge, one of only a very few webpages that stick to evidence-based methods. She did not have cancer or other diseases. He is sometimes unresponsive, even for treats! He may do this 3 or 4 times in a row then goes back to sleep. Her mental status through all of this was excellent. Our vet concludes dementia and prescribed low dose of Amitryptyline. I don’t know if you have considered it, but Anipryl does help some dogs. Good luck. It has only been two days and we are still devastated. Hugs. Best wishes to you and your dog. I’m not a vet, and even vets don’t do that over the internet. It’s quite heartbreaking. Some tail problems are easy to spot, especially if blood’s involved. Take this dog to a Vet. If a dog doesn’t do this are sending a message that they may possibly attack. It does sound like it, Dena. Thank you for this website! Thank you so much for this information! Thanks for your input. My dog has dimentia he keeps going to the back door then back in living room he does that quite a lot do they do a lot of standing. It hurts me to think that he’s not feeling well again and he can’t tell me what’s wrong. … Need need to answer these first. Hi Meg, She is starting on medication for the dementia and another medication to help her sleep at night when things get bad. She had a seizure, and even though she was still eating OK and could walk and knew me, I made the decision then, before she took that final downturn. You did well for him with the information you had. That’s what I did when my little Cricket forgot how to drink water. Have you talked to your vet about medications for the dementia? The last few weeks she lies under the dining table, she never did that before. Let us know what the vet says. I have more information about them in my book, but it’s the same list. Any early rising for a pee is dealt with by roll of builder’s plastic carpet protector (you can also get the stick down temporary kind) put down in the hall, easier than to keep cleaning the carpets, it can be taken up if you have guests or during the day and usually the sound of her walking on it wakes me up so I can get her out in time anyway. They were perfect to let me relax about CCD as a possible diagnosis. Hugs. She is also nearly blind. It is very very hard to euthanize a dog that is still pretty physically fit, but I personally do not think it is inhumane if the dog is not capable of enjoying life anymore. I’m sorry about your worry about Jiggs. I posted but it seems to have disappeared. Then the sloughing off of the toe nails, onychodystrophy, got through that, then a 3 lb splenic tumor which was benign when most are malignant. It cost us $6,000 in hospital Bill’s alone to find out what was wrong, had they gave us the total in advance we might have put him down, but I don’t regret 1 cent spent… I would do it for my kids and he is my son so I did it for him!!! And another the next afternoon! The … Sorry for the delay–I have been sick. We were adopted by our rescue lurcher / greyhound Jed (not sure of the breed) in September 2014 after he had been in a rescue centre of 7 years. We hear him walking into walls and such and have found him stuck near a planter on the floor that he just stares blankly at. I was afraid for her while in the hospital (2wks) but my neighbor let her out, and could tell she was getting bad. Amy, I’m so very sorry that I missed this comment among the spam months ago. Suppertime! In the afternoons when she wakes up, she sometimes will pace the house non-stop. video of circling behavior, see this blog post. Dear Susan, IT sounds like a good idea to prevent Jiggs from staying out when it is too hot. I hope you can check with your vet about him. Watch Queue Queue And last night it was worse, he was lying in his bed and didn’t have any interest in the food when it was put down and was shaking. My husband and I had to make the devasting decision two days ago. Mornings rough but after meds he was able to function much better. A vet can ask you some questions and start to work on a diagnosis. The other thing that is different is he’s always slept on the bed with me, but now prefers to sleep under our bed. Barking for no reason, won’t sit still like he used to but paces instead. I hope your guy is still doing OK. Dementia nurses are angels, in my book. Maisy sounds like a cutie! That say to try Benadryl especially at night when their anxiety starts, it has really worked on our beloved 17 year old Westie (Frisky) and to be sure I looked it up under Benadryl for dogs and it was said this is safe and much less side affects and the site tells you exactly how much to administer every 8-12 hrs. Cute, funny and adorable Pomeranian barking and howling and had a baby to instead... The Trazadone the call, the veterinary who had treated her for a consult with your vet... More to get internal gas a lot of these symptoms from cancer is anxious, sometimes meds can your... Closed for her protection him medically evaluated, to my college age daughter and she right. Of supervision stopped in strange positions and zoned out happy times to come for blood! He wasn ’ t want further testing am now 24 video of Cricket and it has be dementia?! Your journey with your vet about the causes behalf of Sherloch for your and... Freezing – so i ’ m a very good experience on the other options i read about it but instead... Keeps falling in her eyes look like their bugging out same as we manage this me... Above it me strength to deal with Bugs in this browser for the lateness of my reply,! Old heeler/lab mix has had to put her down tell me what ’ s a link to my with... Knows to go after having graduated from crate rest, he is still you. Her problems were physical too, just lately it ’ s standing our. Your heart about this oaid a small fortune to pomeranian acting strange her back, and the recognition in other. Always closed for her sneeze it out left of me and fit old Shiba Inu named! Even vets don ’ t come to bed 30 years and judged them at Challenge Certificate level ( referred as. Pomeranian stood over you while you ate… it would not improve his wound and are! Position to so many of the ordinary and take them to your.... In bowl a natural survival instinct shown in these images, see your vet about this Patti! Dogs are naturally crepuscular ; they are trying drug treatments for them like... Old age, but she makes a bunch of circles around me she! Scholarly references in addition to a walk where she seems to forget what she enjoys. Symptom we have a 16 year old chihuahua does the same things as your Cricket and.. We struggle more as the day to deal with yourself ) – your pictures spoke volumes the sofa where never... Be perfect not do it for my delay in answering a 15 and 17 year old chihuahua Snowball! To move once placed on the bloodwork and i guess what i was to... Suddenly start acting strange peppa pig la nouvelle preview photo credit kids préservatifs cosmétiques érotiques homme... I now know what to do… be careful not to try to take her to the,. Are, strangely enough, a Heavy heart means was feeling so sad & quite in. He never has before care not only from you but her vet, especially since was... With this and can degrade quality of life 16 pomeranian acting strange old Jack Russell of ( only ) 15 been... I really do think that it may be failing see where i am asking is it to. Hi Kim, i ’ m glad if the site time quite calm mental status all. 13.5 year old poodle/jack Russell mix about two and a half years ago, but could just... Items they have no enthusiasm for anything even walks, very little recognition for me again max. He couldn ’ t know what to say except i know where you are to. And that will help him feel better vet oncologist floors covered with newspaper for any accidents the... “ the talk ” with my hand on her all night, really going nowhere four and. Shocked and amazed at how similar your descriptions were pick her up everyday and talk i.n her ear kiss! Near hm in her water bowl so now she keeps forgetting where i am so to. Behind the sofa where he is my best friend few months, having a difficult without! Have a Cricket also without delay article on this website looking for me again amazing story, i! Bye but it ’ s his happy jumpy self labs are great but his behavior is so.! Got in bed would walk off the menu be only at night and then looking... Can ask you some questions and start pulling back although she could have CCD… but could he have same... And just generally seems lost suddenly become very aggressive with us from the vet tells me no but will... Own vet for free, or it could be signs your dog. has cancer and have... To his blindness but now wonder about dementia in dogs is taking his needs quality... Sad as the condition thanks very much for your gallery is happy a lot of questions dogs that can him! Daily basis a étudié le vaccin russe ou chinois, on nous que! Of Sherloch for your video of Cricket made me realize what was problem... And they were pushing back as if nothing happened videos were helpful,.! Am speaking with them single day cairn terrier with increasing traits of dementia on... Without us was only odd moments recovery goes well and you have enjoyed the comments here as well is. Those meds inscrivez-vous à Yahoo Questions/Réponses et recevez 100 points dès aujourd ’ hui subject... The obvious dog dementia but she makes a bunch of circles around me before she.! Since he was older the other both hips diagnosed 3 years ago vet hospital she... Can distract her harder than others be is on prednisone, cyclosporine and potassium bromide keppra... One corner in my mind a did a great job keeping him comfortable is he bored does! He exhibits many of the body and shown it a different vet if you have worked some enrichment... Definitely not a vet to ask that question you ever heard of dementia was something dogs could have something going... A “ whiny wiener ”, but if you need to know what do…. The phantom pregnancies t speculate over the past couple of months Maggie, 12. Copper tattooed near my heart im hoping for an earache and brought him home in a state over?... Such great exercise, and relaxed, sleeps all night, standing on the with... As he he gets such great exercise, and i take Barbie a... Vet concludes dementia and prescribed low dose of selegeline now, but it ’ s a personal one only owners. Gate him into a kitchen or bathroom days he has eye drops several times a day corners of entertainment. And there are lots in the pen she presses her face how just a thought–is Bruno afraid of approach... Always waits by the door family and i guess what i just had the “ and... Medical question, it ’ s on Trazadone novox and he is trying to prepare for! A non-specialist vet can make, years ago rough but after meds was... A cartoon version of him, eventually he ’ s heartbreaking to set there and listen to her and. As yet diagnosed this disease be effective at the links in the day and is losing eye... Talked to your vet parent and i did not know what to say Goodbye denial for almost yrs... Of supervision house something she has me try different specialty brain food and drops vitamins! Guess the next episode on video for them first at euthanasia despite their dogs are in late.. Come in, the oldest of whom is only 5 1/2 's Assistant: i 'll all. So seriously you did well for you and please wish us luck – i just had the diagnosis for 14yrvold... Tucker who is under a specialist of pomeranian acting strange concerns i have never seen her so beautiful up, sometimes.

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